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Fashion Blogger



1.Read the Fashion Blogger Policy and click the "I agree" button.


Are you a fashion-industry blogger?

Lovelyshoes works with Fashion-Industry Blogging leaders in order to promote our website and products. Our bloggers benefit from special discounts and free products direct from our new product lines.
Then don’t hesitate, and send us an email(Blog@lovelyshoes.net)about yourself.


Fashion Blogger Policy

As different countries have different customs policy, we can't assume your import customs.

1.How we work with you, the lovelyshoes Fashion Blogger.

We collaborate with lovelyshoes Fashion Bloggers through products and promotions that are sent from us to you. Bloggers post pictures of our new products, and promotions on their forums (via link), such as their personal blog, Facebook, Youtube, etc.


2.Lovelyshoes Fashion Blogger Qualifications.

Our fashion-industry bloggers must all be approved prior to becoming official Lovelyshoes Fashion Bloggers. Here’s what we are looking for:
- Established Bloggers
- Female
- Ages 15-35
- Maintains online platforms on their personal blog, Facebook and/or Youtube, etc.
- They love blogging about their own style!


3.Special Rules for Fashion Bloggers.

- Maintain Lovelyshoes’s current banner on your blog’s homepage, where applicable.
- All photos must be posted on your forum(s) within 7 days of receiving the items.
- All Posted photos and comments contain links to Lovelyshoes’s homepage (http://www.lovelyshoes.net), or the product’s page on lovelyshoe website.
- Maintain current promotions, as provided by Lovelyshoes, on your forum(s). This is normally a weekly event.


4.How we use your information:

Lovelyshoes reserves the right to collect photos and/or posts from our Lovelyshoes Fashion Bloggers, and repost these items on our Facebook Homepage.


5.Please register on Lovelyshoes.net first before doing anything else.

We can send freebies or coupons to you only if you have a lovelyshoes account.

Now we need fashion bloggers whose followers or fans are least 2000 on one platform. The main platforms we consider are Blog, Facebook. The number of followers or fans we need may increase in the future.
Please send your platform links to Blog@lovelyshoes.net  first. We will check it in a week and reply if you are approved.




Anonymous user 2015-07-10 11:02:51

Dear,I am blogger of Fashion and student Publicidade.Tenho interest to disclose lovelyshoes mark on my blog. The brand has an interest in close partnership ?. Thank you in advance to oportunidade.Aguardo response.blog- http://blogdacaahgregorio.blogspot.com.br/Facebook-https: //www.facebook.com/blogdacaahgregorioInstagram-camillaitsgregorioand ill-camilasgregorioo@gmail.comAtt: Camila Gregory.

Administratordear, thanks but for the blog cooperation, would you please contact our blog@lovelyshoes.net because the blog team is mainly deal with this, and if our blog team interested on your blog, they will reply for you soon, thanks

Anonymous user 2015-07-09 06:04:51

O blog tem actualmente 200 acessos por dia, cerca de 43 mil visitantes no total de criação, 665 assinantes no YouTube 3.450 fãs no Facebook, a comunidade 1.150 seguidores no Instagram, 920 inscritos no Google Friend Conn.As conversações de blog sobre moda, beleza, tendência e em que ajudo os meus leitores a encontrar as melhores roupas aos melhores preços. Faço postagem diária no meu blog com muita dedicação.Eu gostei da sua empresa e gostaria de saber os seus produtos e divulgar aos meus leitores. Eu acredito que uma parceria entre o meu blog e sua marca seria benéfico para ambos os lados.Conheça meu trabalho:Blog: www.carolainemoreira.com.brFan Page: www.facebook.com/blogueiracarolainemoreiraCanal: www.youtube.com/carolianemoreiraInstagram: www.instagram.com/carolaine_moreira

Administratordear, for the blog cooperation, would you please kindly contact our blog@lovelyshoes.net the blog team is mainly deal with this, and if they are interested on your blog, they will reply for you soon, thanks

aliicialopezz 2015-04-01 21:57:25

Hello my name is Alicia. I am 17, I am a lover of fashion. I love to follow trends and shopping. I am the creator of a fashion blog, which I dedicate much time and affection. I like to dress well and stylish, I am also different and enjoyable. I would love to work with you. xxhttps://chicniceandcool.blogspot.com

Administratordear, for the blog, would you please kindly contact our blog@lovelyshoes.net the blog team is mainly deal with this, and if they are interested on your blog, they will reply for you soon, thanks

Anonymous user 2015-01-29 02:45:24

Hello, my name is Andrew. I am from Russia and I can help you to promote your shop. I can write reviews about your products and shop at the biggest Russian sites forums. Example my review http://mysku.ru/blog/ebay/23903.html Over 10 000 views and 30 purchases of goods more expensive 360 dollars. This is a good result for the upsell. I can write reviews on your products on other websites. The buyer willsuspect that it is advertising. I will be glad to work with your store.http://mysku.ru/ This is the most popular site on purchases in Russia. I will write a good review and beautiful about your product. To advertise your store. This review will look at about 20,000 people a day.This site browsing all kinds of people. It is very popular in Russia. I write reviews under different nicknames. Makes a beautiful reviews, talk about and describe in detail the store of purchase.My best wishes

Administratordear, thanks so much would you please kindly contact our blog@lovelyshoes.net and if any interests with cooperation, our blog team will reply for you soon. thanks

Anonymous user 2014-10-10 14:01:10

Hi! What if I have 3500+ active followers on instagram and I just created my blog. Is it possible to have a collaboration with you?

Administratordear, would you please kindly contact our blog@lovelyshoes.net if our blog team interested on your blog, they will reply for you soon, thanks

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